Good night Apollo! It has been an honor and has brought immense joy to me. Thank you, Christian.

Good night Apollo! It has been an honor and has brought immense joy to me. Thank you, Christian.


Today is the last day for my favorite app "Apollo," which is a third-party app for Reddit. Now, Reddit has chosen to raise its prices for the API, making it impossible for third-party apps like Apollo and others to survive. So many have chosen to shut down their apps tomorrow, which is incredibly sad because Apollo has been my go-to app since 2018.

I will delete my Reddit account either today or tomorrow because I don't like companies that are money-hungry and don't listen to their members (excuse my language). I've been a Reddit user for 10 years and have never really used Reddit's official app since it's full of ads and has a dull and depressing design. It's extremely boring compared to Apollo, which allowed much greater freedom to customize how you wanted it to look!

Christian Selig has created more than just a beautifully designed Reddit client; he has given me hope and guidance that Swift might be my next programming language to learn. For those who may not know me well, I enjoy programming, design, coding, and visual creation, and I have always been torn about which programming language to explore next after HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

I hope that Christian will continue to create great iPhone apps, such as Pixel Pals, which was actually integrated into the Apollo app. Pixel Pals is like a Tamagotchi where you take care of a virtual pet by feeding it and playing with it. It feels like Reddit also enjoys killing digital pets, metaphorically speaking.

My fox is temporarily sleeping, as you can see. 🦊

Of course, I chose a fox as my virtual pet too, aptly named "Fox." I feed him and play a little ball with him every day. One might not believe it at first, but it's calming to focus on something other than what's happening in the world around you. It provides a sense of tranquility and escapism.

Many of you might be wondering why I'm feeling sad and angry over an app shutting down. But it's not just me who feels this way; everyone who uses a third-party app shares the anger and frustration over Reddit's decision. The news has spread widely across the internet, and the sentiment of disappointment and discontent is shared by many. It has even reached the point where people protested by not using Reddit from June 12th to 14th. While this may not change Reddit's decision, it serves as a demonstration of the members' dissatisfaction. It's a way for the community to show their collective voice and express their discontent with Reddit's actions.

It is always sad to say goodbye, but even farewell doesn't always mean the end. It may be the beginning of something new! I sincerely hope that people see how desperate for money Reddit has become and how it has transformed into a company that no longer listens to its members, prioritizing money over everything else. It's disheartening to witness a company playing the role of a self-proclaimed deity.

Doctor Who

In order for me to conclude this post on my own terms, I must still end with the statement that "Reddit has now sunk so low that the damage is extremely difficult to fix from today onwards." Let this serve as a reminder to other major social platforms that your members are "your bosses", and we are not willing to pay for a poor experience on your platforms. Listen to us and act accordingly!

I will conclude now before my frustration and sadness take over! Thank you, Christian, for an amazing experience. You created more than just "an app"; you created hope and joy for many of us.

Thank you, and your work will never fade away! ❤️
//Nicklas 🦊 🇸🇪

Nicklas Fox

Nicklas är en 30-årig person med ett passionerat intresse för att lyfta frågor kring psykisk ohälsa.